Employer FAQ


To save you time and frustration, GuruLink has compiled a number of frequently asked questions from our clients. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Submit your question and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

How can GuruLink help our company?

GuruLink can help centralize your recruitment processes and maximize your resources, while reducing your costs. We offer a free initial analysis of your recruitment budget, systems and processes, and develop a customized solutions package based on this analysis. GuruLink’s Overview can provide you with more information about our services at a glance.


What makes GuruLink Unique?

GuruLink is one of the few recruitment companies that provides a proprietary, customizable, all-inclusive Recruitment Solutions and Services. We have developed the GuruRMS – our web-based recruitment system. This system is combined with the personalized business acumen of our GuruLink Representatives.


Why should we choose GuruLink over another recruiting company?

Our solutions packages are designed to reduce your recruitment costs, improve process efficiency, enhance QoH (Quality of Hire), and offer a unique opportunity to generate revenue from an area long considered a cost centre.


How can GuruLink reduce our recruitment costs?

This complex question depends on the level of customized service you require from GuruLink. By scrutinizing your current recruitment processes and systems, we can help implement changes that will save you time, resources and money.


What is the GuruRMS?

GuruLink developed the Guru Recruitment Management System (GuruRMS) in order to expand our services to our clients, as well as offer a cost-effective recruitment management system having superior collaborative capabilities and accessibility. The GuruRMS has been designed to reduce recruitment costs, improve process efficiency, streamline administrative tasks, and measure and analyze a variety of metrics.


How do I start the process?

Starting the process is easy! GuruLink provides a free analysis of your systems, processes, metrics, and budgets. We then evaluate your requirements, and develop a customized solutions package that is designed to reduce your recruitment costs, improve overall efficiency, and enhance quality of hire. Contact a GuruLink Representative to learn more about how we can help you improve your recruiting process!


Is there a charge for registering a new GuruLink client account?

No, there is no charge for registering a new client account. This is another value-added service that GuruLink provides to our clients. However, depending on the level of service and customization you require, some charges may apply.


What is the cost for any full-time or contract placements?

Yes, GuruLink encourages retainer searches, as they are more affordable for our clients and guarantee securing the best talent. We provide a centralized point of contact and can evaluate and benchmark all candidates that have been qualified. We can also manage your vendor relationships and ensure that only the best candidates are put in front of you. Ask a GuruLink Representative about our retainer search programs.


Does GuruLink do retainer searches, and what is the fee?

The charge for full-time or contract placements is flexible and depends on the customized package that GuruLink creates for you. Ask one of our GuruLink Representatives about our customized plans, pricing options, and exciting incentive programs. You’ll realize why many clients are choosing GuruLink as their preferred agency.


What are GuruLink’s guarantee structures?

GuruLink offers an industry-leading guarantee structure, to allow you to fully evaluate the hired candidate. As with all our services, our guarantee structure is flexible. Ask a GuruLink Representative for more information.


“I was very impressed by GuruLink.

Gavin and Paige were able to find opportunities that aligned with my personal interests for companies that are at the forefront of new technologies and industries. The process was very quick and guidance was given every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a job.”

– Jeremy/Candidate

“Having applied to many jobs individually

and feeling like I was getting lost in a pile of resumes, GuruLink did the legwork of presenting my skills and experience to the employer for me and helped get me the IT job that I’ve always wanted. They have educated me on the company, prepared me for who I’d be interviewing with, what questions might be asked. They gave me the confidence I needed to go in and rock the interviews, and now the job. In a booming IT job market that can be hard to find valuable and interesting work, GuruLink found the job that’s right for me, at the salary that I wanted.”

– Dany/Candidate

“I would like to say thank you

Julia and Jibran for the great opportunity that they gave me. As a newcomer to Canada, I wasn’t expecting to get the same job that I have before in my home country. I am unfamiliar with the recruiting process here, and I always hear that we need ‘Canadian Experience’ even if it means taking a job not related to your previous occupation or education. But with the guidance and help of awesome recruiters like Julia and Jibran, I was able to get a job well suited to my qualifications and more than expected compensation. I am very grateful to both of them, and I hope that they can help more newcomers like me to have a great job in Canada and start a new chapter in their lives.”

– Marc/Candidate