Case Study - Drop Loyalty

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Drop is a rewards platform on a mission to inspire people to live their optimal lives by empowering them financially.

Powered by machine learning, Drop matches their 7+ Million consumers with over 500+ partner brands to satisfy two main goals: to earn points from their purchases and redeem them for instant rewards.

Headquartered in Toronto, with an office in New York, Drop is backed by world-class investors including NEA, HOF, Royal Bank of Canada, Sierra Ventures, and White Star Capital with current capital raised between $56.2M and $71M.

The responsibilities for Drop’s recruitment were tasked to the Chief of Staff but due to substantial company growth, this task became too much for one person to tackle on their own. GuruLink was engaged for a 3-month renewable contract at 20 hrs/week to help address the backlog of internal applicants for engineering.

One month into the engagement between Drop and GuruLink, the Chief of Staff for Drop left for another opportunity. GuruLink was then given the responsibility of managing all recruitment-related tasks for Drop on an interim basis. GuruLink was contracted for 40 hrs/week, and eventually that increased to 80 hrs/week (2 resources) in order to handle all internal recruitment operations for the company. The engagement was extended multiple times and wound up running for a total of 10 months.

Challenges & Requirements

  • Drop was losing top professionals to other companies at a rate of 1-4 employees per month (including 4 Directors and Managers responsible for staffing in their departments)
  • Backlog of internal applicants (approximately 250-500 applicants per role for 10-15 positions at the start of the engagement
  • Company requirement for current projects to Hire 3-5 employees every month for 2021
  • The company lacked internal knowledge of recruitment tools, process automation and use of ATS (Lever)
  • Convoluted and lengthy internal recruitment/interview processes between departments
  • No internal recruitment team



  • First 30 days address the backlog issue of past applications to Drop for 10-15 positions
  • 30-60 days for internal review of all hiring teams and hiring process for Engineering, Marketing, Design and Sales teams
  • During the 30-60 day review period also update Drop’s ATS feature use, leverage automation, and improve accessibility & scalability
  • Created process/framework for revisiting top candidates and previous finalists
  • Developed a new process for managing team-wide sourcing efforts eliminating double data entry
  • Develop and implement new internal recruitment processes and interview processes
  • Education of the current hiring processes and market value for professionals to Hiring Manager and Founders through weekly and monthly meetings
  • Develop onboarding content and processes for the future recruitment team



  • 31 out of 65 hires staffed by RPO directly, with ⅓ of these being Managers or Director level, 3 Agency hires through GuruLink at reduced placement rates for Engineering
  • Streamlined internal interview process reducing the average number of interviews to hire from 5+ to 3+ and reduced total interview processing time by 10-14 business days on average per role
  • Increased speed and efficiency of the ATS to reduce response rate by applicants by 3-5 business days
  • Created internal templates and ATS automation for scheduling, tracking interview processes and candidate pipelines
  • Developed targeted candidate outreach and follow up campaign templates
  • Developed training templates for future recruitment and department hires
  • Drop is now 125+ employee company and set up for continued future growth
  • They have an internal recruitment team that is set up for continued success with established hiring practices and process
  • An updated and responsive ATS system for optimized scheduling and pipeline management
“I was very impressed by GuruLink.

Gavin and Paige were able to find opportunities that aligned with my personal interests for companies that are at the forefront of new technologies and industries. The process was very quick and guidance was given every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a job.”

– Jeremy/Candidate

“Having applied to many jobs individually

and feeling like I was getting lost in a pile of resumes, GuruLink did the legwork of presenting my skills and experience to the employer for me and helped get me the IT job that I’ve always wanted. They have educated me on the company, prepared me for who I’d be interviewing with, what questions might be asked. They gave me the confidence I needed to go in and rock the interviews, and now the job. In a booming IT job market that can be hard to find valuable and interesting work, GuruLink found the job that’s right for me, at the salary that I wanted.”

– Dany/Candidate

“I would like to say thank you

Julia and Jibran for the great opportunity that they gave me. As a newcomer to Canada, I wasn’t expecting to get the same job that I have before in my home country. I am unfamiliar with the recruiting process here, and I always hear that we need ‘Canadian Experience’ even if it means taking a job not related to your previous occupation or education. But with the guidance and help of awesome recruiters like Julia and Jibran, I was able to get a job well suited to my qualifications and more than expected compensation. I am very grateful to both of them, and I hope that they can help more newcomers like me to have a great job in Canada and start a new chapter in their lives.”

– Marc/Candidate