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Dapper Labs is a Vancouver-based unicorn that is behind CryptoKitties, NBA Top Shot, NFL All Day, UFC Strike and the Flow blockchain. Dapper Labs created the Flow blockchain to help bring NFTs and new forms of digital engagement to fans around the world by paving the way to a more open and inclusive digital world that starts with games and entertainment.

Founded in 2018, Dapper Labs has raised over $600M+ and some of its investors include the likes of Andreessen Horowitz, Coatue, Google Ventures, Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan and many others. Dapper Labs was named one of 50 world’s most innovative companies and the #1 gaming company of 2022 by Fast Company.

Dapper Labs engaged GuruLink to help with their extremely fast-paced growth and recruitment needs that spanned multiple areas. At the time that GuruLink was engaged, Dapper Labs had only 1 recruiter and 1 coordinator working across over 50+ openings, many with multiple hires.


Challenges & Requirements

  • Massive volume of hiring across a variety of different roles
  • The recruitment process required optimization and improvement
  • Needed recommendations on new sourcing tools and process
  • Lack of ability to measure key metrics in order to effectively manage the recruitment team and understand key pipeline metrics and velocity
  • Internal communication was breaking down and the process and decision-making were ad hoc
  • The company lacked internal knowledge of recruitment tools, and process automation, and was under-utilizing their existing tools
  • Inconsistent, ad hoc, and lengthy internal recruitment/interview processes between departments
  • The internal recruitment team was significantly under-resourced



As an ongoing project, Dapper Labs has needed a variety of different resources as the company and recruitment team has grown. During this time, GuruLink has provided a Recruitment Manager, both senior and intermediate recruiters, sourcers, and coordinators to help facilitate the capacity across the team as more internal resources were brought in.

Given the overall volume of hiring and aggressive growth plans, we worked with Dapper Labs in a Hybrid RPO capacity and as such in addition to providing on-demand resources also provided contingency search services for many of their roles.

At the onset of the project we started with 2 fractional resources and eventually ramped up to 7 full-time resources including a Recruitment Manager, 2 full-time Recruiters, 2 full-time Sourcers, and 2 Recruitment Coordinators. As the project progressed we also played a key role in scaling out the internal TA function and eventually helped to grow the internal team to a team of 12.

In addition to helping optimize the hiring process, creating outbound collateral, creating a metrics-driven recruitment culture, and helping scale out the internal TA function we also helped bring in new tools such as Gem and TalentWall and integrated these into the processes for both sourcing and recruitment.

The RPO team through GuruLink worked on a wide range of requisitions at various levels on the Creative, Engineering, Product, Marketing, Customer Support, and Design teams. The roles spanned from junior level all the way to executive and C-level.

During our time with Dapper Labs (which is still ongoing as of Aug. 2022) the company has grown from 129 people to over 500 people.



  • 24-month project duration
  • Over 150 successful hires
  • Cost-per-hire under $12,000
  • Built out the majority of the internal Talent Acquisition team (10+ internal individuals)
  • Offer Acceptance ratio of 94%
  • Recommended and helped implement Gem for top-of-funnel sourcing and outreach management and metrics
  • Total savings vs contingency of $1,746,714 (or $20,077 per hire), equating to a 6.99% of the candidates’ average 1st-year salary


“I was very impressed by GuruLink.

Gavin and Paige were able to find opportunities that aligned with my personal interests for companies that are at the forefront of new technologies and industries. The process was very quick and guidance was given every step of the way. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a job.”

– Jeremy/Candidate

“Having applied to many jobs individually

and feeling like I was getting lost in a pile of resumes, GuruLink did the legwork of presenting my skills and experience to the employer for me and helped get me the IT job that I’ve always wanted. They have educated me on the company, prepared me for who I’d be interviewing with, what questions might be asked. They gave me the confidence I needed to go in and rock the interviews, and now the job. In a booming IT job market that can be hard to find valuable and interesting work, GuruLink found the job that’s right for me, at the salary that I wanted.”

– Dany/Candidate

“I would like to say thank you

Julia and Jibran for the great opportunity that they gave me. As a newcomer to Canada, I wasn’t expecting to get the same job that I have before in my home country. I am unfamiliar with the recruiting process here, and I always hear that we need ‘Canadian Experience’ even if it means taking a job not related to your previous occupation or education. But with the guidance and help of awesome recruiters like Julia and Jibran, I was able to get a job well suited to my qualifications and more than expected compensation. I am very grateful to both of them, and I hope that they can help more newcomers like me to have a great job in Canada and start a new chapter in their lives.”

– Marc/Candidate