Employer Testimonials


GuruLink values your opinion. In fact, our solutions and services are built around you. We strive to really listen, and incorporate your needs and suggestions into our business practices. We truly feel the only kind of customer is one that has been satisfied. We have compiled a few quotes that stand out, and have received many more positive comments that make us feel like we are on the right track.


I couldn’t be more impressed with my experience working with GuruLink. I was more than prepared for each step of the interview process thanks to the detailed interviewing tips they offered. Until now, I had always done my own job search. From now on, GuruLink will be the first call I make.


It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Gavin Chand and GuruLink. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Gavin. He helped me a lot finding the perfect job according to what I was looking for. He is honest, reactive and hard working. Beyond that, he is an impressive mentor who is always giving good advice and kept me updated during the process. GuruLink also helped me in the process of preparing my interviews with documentation, phone calls and technologies to work on.

Without a doubt, I confidently recommend working with GuruLink and Gavin Chand. As a dedicated and knowledgeable account manager and an all-around great person, I know that he will help multiple people in the process of finding, not just a job, but a good job.


Jason and Gavin got me an opportunity fast! I’m glad I got to work with two wonderful people who followed up after each and every interview to find out how it went and also addressed any questions and concerns I had during the interview process really quickly.

They truly work with you in mind to get you opportunities that match your skill set, work to get you a competitive market salary, and also let you know along the way how you are doing during the interview process. Also they are very enthusiastic about the clients they recruit for, which is another bonus in getting you to the top of the shortlist!

Both Jason and Gavin also have a great sense of humour and surely won’t disappoint when you get in touch with them! I would recommend GuruLink, Jason and Gavin, to bring your career to the next level!



October 11, 2012

“My experience with Marshall and the team over at Gurulink has been wonderful. It sometimes amazes me how they are able to find great quality candidates and they are able to really find a great “fit” for our positions consistently, without ever having us waste time in looking at under-qualified resumes. I have worked with Gurulink for about 3 years and I am excited to partner with them in our recruiting efforts going forward. It is extremely difficult to find an agency that really is a partnership that understands your business, and I found that working with Marshall from Gurulink as an Account Manager and the team there that he has is always able to assist us in our recruiting efforts through knowing who we are and what we’re all about. If you are looking for a recruitment partnership that really works I recommend Gurulink for your recruitment needs!”


October 2, 2012

“We’ve been working with Marshall and GuruLink for a couple years now, and in this time we have made several successful placements. What we like about working with Marshall and GuruLink is their attention to detail and quick turnaround time. Being a software firm we often need immediate quality resources with unique skill sets that are not easy to source out and GuruLink is excellent in helping us find the exact candidates we need at the salary range/rates we are looking for. What really separates the team at GuruLink from the rest is that they truly understand our business and environment, so the candidates they send are always a great match. Marshall is an excellent Account Manager who is available anytime day or night and is able to answer any questions that we may have. We would definitely recommend GuruLink to anyone who is looking for effective per-cost recruitment and hiring needs.”


October 2, 2012

“Having dealt with several recruiting firms over the years, my typical experience has been fairly unpleasant to say the least… Not fully qualifying our requirements, and understanding our organizational structure, sending a flood of seemingly unrelated and not qualified resumes tended to be the trend. Marshall Berenbaum and GuruLink was referred by one of my colleagues so I decided to give them an opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the candidates put forward and we quickly made not ONE but TWO offers to what we believed were ‘superstar’ candidates within just 1 week… the first offer was ultimately declined by the candidate as he took another job – but through Marshall and GuruLink we were quickly given a replacement that accepted the job who turned out to be a perfect fit in our organization. The value add is Marshall and GuruLink’s understanding of our requirements which enable them to narrow down their submissions to one or two that really fit the bill. Adding new people to a team is always challenging and I highly recommend GuruLink for managers who need an agency they can trust to find people who fit.”


September 27, 2012

“The GuruRMS has proved to be indispensable in managing our technology startup’s rapid growth since we implemented it 6 months ago. having hired over a dozen candidates during that time. It’s a fantastic one-stop-shop for managing our incoming talent collaboratively as an organization. The key factor is how it enables us in a very user-friendly way to maintain relationships effectively with our candidates and to streamline and automate our recruitment process. Overall, a great tool, well-priced and highly recommended!”


September 26, 2012

“We’ve been working with Marshall and GuruLink for a couple years now, and in this time we have made several successful placements. What we like about working with Marshall and GuruLink is their attention to detail and quick turnaround time. Being a software firm we often need immediate quality resources with unique skill sets that are not easy to source out and GuruLink is excellent in helping us find the exact candidates we need at the salary range/rates we are looking for. What really separates the team at GuruLink from the rest is that they truly understand our business and environment, so the candidates they send are always a great match. Marshall is an excellent Account Manager who is available anytime day or night and is able to answer any questions that we may have. We would definitely recommend GuruLink to anyone who is looking for effective per-cost recruitment and hiring needs.”


September 12, 2012

“Brad and GuruLink provide a superlative service that is cost effective and efficient for any busy hiring manager. They ask the right questions, understand technology, drive the process forward, and only present star talent. Their prescreening of candidates was the best I have seen in the industry. I have high expectations for each hire and I am only looking for top caliber talent. Brad gets this and does not waste my time. He is persistent, professional, honest, and will not quit till the job is done. I will not hesitate to use Brad and Gurulink in the future to fill any open position.”


August 23, 2012

“Edwin at GuruLink has been my source of talent for a couple of years now. He is not only an expert at what he does, but he gets what you need from the get go. His background in IT makes ensures that you get quality people, not just a resume. I look forward to working with Edwin and GuruLink again in the near future.”


August 13, 2012

“Rarely do I get the pleasure of working with a professional firm like GuruLink. Brad, a head hunter who actually gets it. GuruLink cares about our business, gives it their all, and they continue to deliver quality candidates. Now, if only I could hire Brad!”


June 19, 2012

“GuruLink and Brad, has proved to be exceptionable in the quality of people they’ve provided us. Brad has been a pleasure to work with on both sides of the hiring process!”


April 20, 2012

“Working with GuruLink is easy. With Brad you get someone who is great to work with, understands exactly what you are looking for, has an expert team of IT staffing specialists, and always provides results. Further, Brad is a passionate and driven individual and truly cares about helping his clients succeed. I would recommend Brad and GuruLink to anyone looking for superb IT recruiting.”


April 13, 2011

“Gurulink delivered results much quicker than I expected. The time and effort saved was well rewarded with a high quality candidate with a unique set of skills. As an organization we had traditionally dealt with our own recruitment, but Gurulink has definitely changed our view.”


April 11, 2011

“I was head hunted and successfully hired through GuruLink last year. The experience was very positive. The benefits were clear communication, honest expectations and detailed updates throughout the entire process. I felt that Brad and Edwin truly had my best interests at heart. A year later, I am now working with GuruLink to help with my recruiting and sourcing needs. The experience as a client is just as positive, and GuruLink delivers.”


March 3, 2011

“We have been working with Gurulink for over 3 years now, and during that time they have become a trusted partner for our recruitment needs. They have produced a low volume of very high quality candidates that has resulted in more placements through them than any other agency on our vendor list. They have the ability to adapt quickly to each of our requirements and have the ability to make the process smooth and painless for everyone involved. If you need a agency that who understand your requirements and will work tirelessly until the delivery, then there is no better company to work with!”


February 10, 2011

“As a Recruitment Consultant for Rogers I have enlisted the services of GuruLink on multiple occasions to provide ‘hard to find’ resources (Purple Squirrels) for roles in our Information Technology Services division. Brad has never let me down. I would love to know what he knows! Having been in recruitment for as long as I have, engaging countless agencies for search services, GuruLink’s level of commitment, service, and most importantly ‘Results’ is unrivaled. I have dealt with them all and Gurulink is ‘head and shoulders’ above the competition. When Brad calls me and says, “you have to interview this person, and I am not looking for anymore candidates until you do”, I smile because I know the search is over.”


January 8, 2011

“Over 20 years in recruiting and 10+ years managing in-house recruitment, I’ve worked with a lot of head hunters and there is no doubt GuruLink and his firm are in the top 10% of firms I’ve worked with. They consistently delivered on assignments for very tough to find skills and NEVER gave up until the job was done no matter how frustrating the search may have been. GuruLink became my # 1 “go to agency” at Rogers and I will definitely use them again and again and again when I absolutely need results, like right now.”


September 23, 2010

“Having dealt with many agencies over the years, my typical experience has been average at best. Not understanding my requirements and sending a flood of seemingly un-reviewed resumes were a common occurrence. Recently we were in dire need to find an Oracle DBA/Linux admin hero but my regular contacts fell short on candidates. Brad McIntosh and GuruLink was referred by one of my colleagues so I decided to give them an opportunity. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the potential candidates put forward and we made an offer to a hero within a couple of weeks. Subsequent to that hire, I have engaged Brad and GuruLink on several occasions that resulted in hiring the candidates put forth. Brad’s value add is his understanding of my requirements which enables him to narrow down his submissions to one or two that really fit the bill. Adding new people to a team is always challenging and I highly recommend GuruLink for managers who need an agency they can trust to find people who fit.”


August 24, 2010

“We had the pleasure of working with Brad McIntosh from gurulink over 5 years ago and we hired a bunch of great folks from them. My boss had great things to say about them as well and he is not an easy guy to please. Just recently we had to find very hard to find java resources and had been looking for a while; we received agency approval (which we have not had for the last 5 years). Brad is persistent, and works around the clock, but also works smart and only sends us what we are looking for. I actually interviewed every person he sent and we hired 3 out of 7 folks. I did not want to see one of them and he told me I was making a mistake, gave me solid rationale as to why and I decided to trust gurulink and interview him – thankfully I was wrong and the guy was great and we hired him. If you need someone who will understand your requirements and will work until the job is done then gurulink is your agency! ”


July 23, 2010

“I can admit that I am not an easy Director to please. I know what I am looking for and expect a lot from my vendors. When Brad McIntosh first called me it was through a referral that I trust and respect so I took him seriously. I really liked Gurulink’s approach; they came out and told me how they operate and said all the right things. Now the proof was to be seen. Brad sent in a strong resource quickly and said he was the guy I was looking for; I was skeptical and suggested he was not perfect. Brad backed up his feelings with facts and he made some good points so we brought him in, we were pleasantly surprised and he was indeed a good match. I then was worried if Gurulink was a “one hit wonder”, but sure enough he sent me 2 more resources and we hired one. 3 submissions, 2 offers, and one acceptance are metrics I can respect. What I liked was Gurulink’s flexibility in dealing with my CEO; he is a hard negotiator but they came to a creative deal and I appreciate their flexibility. I will call Gurulink first whenever I need anyone.”


July 17, 2010

“Sales Sales Sales. It is hard to find good sales people. People who will work hard, be like-able and fit in with your corporate culture. The guys at GuruLink have done a great job of knowing our company, and what we need our sales people to do. Brad McIntosh and his team have gone and found a large number of people for us and we’re happy about that. They work hard and they are really focused on us being happy with the candidate, not just filling a spot. We’re happy to work with them and we’d recommend them to anyone.”


June 7, 2010

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Brad McIntosh from GuruLink on both the candidate and client side. He found me my next career move and I could not be happier. From the onset they were very down to earth, experienced and asked all the right questions. They took the time to meet with me, understand my needs and train me for the interview. Having worked with many other agencies in the past it was really refreshing to be heard, and valued. Even better now, I work with Brad from the other side as a client and GuruLink has delivered already 4 amazing candidates so far; they move very fast, understand exactly what we need and never skip a beat. Thanks GuruLink!”


May 24, 2010

“Having worked with Brad from gurulink over the last few years has been a very good experience. I have worked with a lot of agencies in the past and often have to review multiple resumes and even then many are not a close fit! Brad from gurulink came highly referred from a number of my colleagues who have used their service for a long time. What I really like about gurulink is I do not even need to review a resume, I know they are going to only send me quality. So far I have not given gurulink a requirement they did not fill with very few submissions. Trust is something that is earned and Brad definitely has mine. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to hire high quality fast and accurately.”


June 1, 2009

“The service and time put in to helping us find our ideal candidate by GuruLink and Christian was phenomenal!! It was evident that time and effort was given in providing quality candidates that fit not only our requirements but also our team environments! Thanks to GuruLink we’ve been able to add a few more superstars to our team!”


March 13, 2008

“Gurulink has been a wonderful resource in providing exceptional talent to meet our needs. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Marshall as an Account Manager; he is professional, hardworking and delivers high quality candidates fast! GuruLink really takes the time to fully understand the deliverables and our needs and seemingly present ONLY the absolute best. I applaud their level of professionalism and the fact that they are almost always available to provide me updates on the process, around the clock. Thanks to GuruLink’s efforts, and the presentation of two top level candidates for one role; I was able to successfully put closure on a search that was ongoing for quite some time. I would highly recommend GuruLink’s full suite of services to anyone and I know that we will work together for the long haul. Thanks Marshall and GuruLink, it gives me hope that there are still recruiters and recruiting agencies like yours out there!”


March 13, 2008

“Our organization has used Gurulink for over 3 years to recruit a wide variety of software engineering staff including Quality Assurance Analysts, Senior Developers, solution architects and Director of Product Management . They have been responsive and accommodating and when necessary helping to refine the position profiles to address our evolving needs. Gurulink was also diligent in ensuring that the candidates presented were properly screened to ensure they met our technical and cultural needs.
I have also had the opportunity to work with Brad McIntosh as a candidate as well. It was a very positive experience as I have been in a VP role for a number of years and have not been on the other side looking for the right engagement for some time. It was evident that they also listen, treat their candidates with respect, push for quick movement, and keep me posted even when things are moving slow. I can’t tell you how many other agencies I wished took this same personal and proactive approach. I’ll be working with Brad long into the future.”


March 5, 2008

“I always know that when I contact Brad, I’ll quickly have a number of solid candidates to choose from. As a hiring manager, it gives me confidence to know that Gurulink applies a rigorous screening process so that I simply have to select the best fit for our organization. From the initial search, to hiring, and on through the post hiring “honeymoon” phase, the Gurulink team bring a sincere dedication to providing the right candidate with the right qualifications. I would gladly recommend the Gurulink team to anyone who is looking to engage an effective and motivated recruiting service.”


November 26, 2007

“At our organization, we enjoy a fun, inclusive, dynamic culture and we employ smart, enthusiastic, passionate people to work with cool technology and interesting clients. It is a challenge to find great people in our market – there are many career options for talented individuals and the recruiting market is very competitive.  We know that our company exists and is successful because of the great talent we hire. It is very important to find the right fit and the right person for each role at our organization. The people at GuruLink get that. They understand how important it is to us. Every time we have a request for a specific individual, we receive excellent, well qualified and talented individuals. In the consulting world, our business requirements and human talent requirements can change very quickly. Again, the people at GuruLink understand and always seem to manage to remain calm, work with our ever changing requirements and still deliver for us. They are supportive, organized and the paperwork and communication is smooth and timely. The people we work with at GuruLink are helpful, responsive, honest and frankly, just plain fun to work with! I would not hesitate to recommend GuruLink as an excellent business partner for any dynamic organization.”


May 30, 2007

“We have been working with the GuruRMS for a few years now and it has been a key element in helping manage Workbrain’s rapid growth. It is very user-friendly and intuitive and it really helps us to build and maintain strong relationships with our candidate network. In addition to having a great tool for a great price the customer service and support has always been more than responsive to our needs and requests. I would highly recommend the GuruRMS to any organization looking to get a better handle on their talent acquisition process.”


November 14, 2006

“I have had the pleasure working with Brad McIntosh from GuruLink. GuruLink is the first company that comes to mind when I need to fill a position, they try to understand exactly what kind of resource I am looking for and then executes the search. They ask questions about the projects, technologies, deliverables and really push for clarification about the opportunity. The other thing like is how responsive they are towards feedback, when you give feedback they actually act on it and find the right candidate. It is truly a joy to work with them. For me I am a very busy manager; time is not something I have a lot of, so I need accurate results fast. actually had a role one for over 3 months and could not find a mission critical resource, I then brought in Gurulink and the role was filled with only 2 candidates submissions within 2 weeks. I have never had this kind of results, professionalism, and personable relationship with a recruitment firm to date. Thanks GuruLink, I could not have done it without you! ”


October 16, 2006

“Our company has been working with Gurulink for the past 2 years and we plan to continue the relationship. We are very pleased with their service and the results. Brad McIntosh is our contact and he is a very personable and dedicated professional who works in an efficient and timely manner. Gurulink understands our technology and our business and they pinpoint recruit the resources we need. Gurulink is testimony that there are still ethical recruitment agencies in the marketplace. They actually do what they say they will do. I would have no hesitation recommending Gurulink to any business that wants to improve its hiring process and get the resources they need. Thank you Gurulink; we will continue to rely on your services!”


October 5, 2006

“Chris and his team have invested the time required to develop a thorough understanding of our business needs and the traits and skills we look for in new hires and this is reflected in the quality of the candidates they present to us. We are in rapid growth mode and Gurulink has proven their ability to keep pace and produce excellent candidates on short notice.
Their service is second to none.”


September 22, 2006

“Drew and his team at Gurulink provide a quality service and have been a tremendous asset to my recruiting efforts. I have been working with GuruLink for over 3 years now and they were the first agency engaged by my previous organization, and the first agency I called when my current employer started sourcing candidates through agencies. They understand the technical and cultural requirements of our organization and have the ability to quickly source and qualify candidates that meet and exceed the bar. They understand our value proposition and can generate interest in the most passive candidates. Drew understands the nuances of corporate recruiting and this coupled with what I’ve already mentioned is what sets them apart from other staffing agencies. Drew, and his team definitely gets it and I would highly recommend Gurulink.”


September 12, 2006

“Whenever we need to engage an external vendor to assist in a difficult search we contact GuruLink. They have been able to help us find good technical people for our development team, whether it’s on a permanent or contract basis, with the ability to react quickly to our business needs. I would highly recommend GuruLink to any company looking to hire IT professionals.”


June 5, 2006

“We have dealt with Gurulink for our staffing requirements on several occasions. Each time they quickly understood our needs and the urgency to find new staff. The candidates they presented were all well qualified for the positions we were trying to fill even though these positions were outside their normal recruitment realm. Often the recruitment process is long and frustrating from an employer’s point of view; Gurulink made it a pleasant experience with a minimal amount of time spent by us in the entire process. They are very professional and the turnaround time was excellent. Their unique recruitment tracking system makes it more than simple to follow up on any given candidate using a few simple clicks of your mouse. I would highly recommend this company to anyone seeking an efficient recruitment process.”


December 2, 2005

“When I’m in hiring mode, Brad is the first agent that I call. Usually he is the last one, too. Working with Gurulink for almost a year resulted in the fact that my need for other hiring sources simply diminished. They turned my hiring process from a dragging nightmare into a quick and efficient exercise. I really appreciate their capability to provide me with very small number of candidates, but which are exactly the right ones. That saves my precious time.”


January 19, 2005

“Gurulink demonstrated the ability to understand my requirements, and in turn deliver qualified and experienced candidates. As the Director of a fast growing services organization I need the very best candidates available in the marketplace and fast. I really liked Christian’s no-nonsense approach managing the account, he listened carefully and delivered exactly what we needed in a short amount of time. What stood out in my mind was their high level of ethics and personal touch and commitment to take that extra step to satisfy our needs. It was a breath of fresh air working with GuruLink. I was also impressed with their extensive service offerings, much more then your average agency. I would not hesitate to recommend Gurulink to other companies looking to hire the very best, and want to work with an agency that delivers fast and accurate results.”


January 6, 2005

“Gurulink has been a valuable member of our IT recruiting team. They have been able to locate highly skilled development resources for both consulting and full-time. We have experienced high turnover rates this year and Gurulink is a key contributor to ensuring that our development activities have continued to be fully staffed with qualified resources.

Specifically, Brad McIntosh has been an outstanding Account Manager/Recruiter for our development, requirement, and product teams. He has provided numerous qualified candidates within days of our request. In one case we had a resignation on a Monday and on the Tuesday, Brad provided me with the perfect candidate (right skills, less money) that we hired immediately. The result was no impact to project plans. In another case we needed a part-time consultant to assist us with Toplink performance issues. This is a hard skill set to recruit for but GuruLink was able to come up with a couple of candidates and we brought one in for an initial 4 weeks and then decided to keep him for 4 months.

In general the Gurulink team have consistently outperformed all other recruiting firms and is now our company of choice. I highly recommend the Gurulink team for you recruiting needs.”


December 13, 2004

“Our software company specializes in service management solutions for the broadband industry. Due to recent growth in our business, recruitment of qualified resources has been a top priority for our organization. In the past, we have attempted to work with multiple recruitment firms throughout the GTA. For the most part, we have had very little success in partnering with a firm that understands both our industry and skills/resource requirements. As such, we had limited our use of external recruitment firms as a part of our overall recruitment strategy. Brad McIntosh from Gurulink introduced their recruitment services to us in July 2004. As an HR executive who has been managing our organization’s recruitment needs through sources other than agencies, I was pleasantly surprised at Gurulink’s results. Not only was Brad and his team successful in helping us find suitable OSS resources, but their industry knowledge, professionalism and attentiveness proved to be second to none. With Gurulink’s support, we have successfully filled most of our strategic positions for this year and we continue to work with GuruLink in pro-actively sourcing OSS talent for our 2005 projects. We would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization that is looking to partner with a professional firm that continuously goes above and beyond to understand and fulfill your resource requirements. I look forward to continuing to work with Brad and his team.”


July 11, 2004

“Working with GuruLink has really been a proactive experience. We are a fast growing company and require the best people really fast, and the most competitive prices. In the past we never dealt with recruitment firms; and were not impressed at all and conceded this was not the route for us. This all changed when we gave GuruLink an extremely hard role, that they were able to fill rapidly, with a great resource! What was really impressive with GuruLink and working with Brad McIntosh as our Account Manager, was how fast they understood our difficult needs, and delivered. They sent only a few people, and we interviewed them all and just picked the best ones. What was even more impressive was their ability to customize a solution that worked for our budget, and processes. They proposed a variety of solutions that were very high level and impressive, and we choose the one that suited us best! Thanks Brad, for providing the service we need!”


December 9, 2003

“Dealing with Gurulink was a wonderful experience. Drew was very professional and most helpful. Through their screening process we found the perfect person for the job. They saved me time in my very busy schedule by presenting me with qualified and experienced candidates I was looking for. Their turnaround time was excellent. Their computerized tracking system was wonderful to use. I could spend five minutes and at a glance know exactly where we were in the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Gurulink to other companies looking to outsource their recruitment process.”


October 19, 2003

“GuruLink is one of the best recruitment agencies I have worked within my 15-year career. Their passion and enthusiasm for finding the right candidate were apparent throughout the hiring process. They brought in qualified and experienced candidates, which saved me significant time. Their pre-screening process was quite effective and I was always kept up-to-date on the current status with email notifications from their recruiting system. I would not hesitate to recommend Gurulink to other companies looking for recruitment services. Thanks Brad your dedication, drive and results speak volumes.”


June 9, 2003

“Dealing with GuruLink has been a very positive experience for our company. What I really like is that they have gone far above and beyond the traditional agency approach; they act as more of a strategic partner. Bottom line, they listen, understand my needs and deliver exactly what I am looking for. They don’t send a lot of resumes, just the ones I want to hire. We have made several placements together, and their flexibility and value added services are great. I am a big fan of the GuruRMS system as well, which helps me manage and track the entire process; it saves all of us time, resources and money. Basically whenever I need to find someone I don’t have to look further then GuruLink.”


February 3, 2003

“We have been working with GuruLink for some time, and have made several successful placements. What we like about GuruLink is their customized service and quick turn around time. Being a consulting firm we often need immediate quality resources. GuruLink is the only place we go, as they give us the exact candidates we need at the rates we are looking for. Their recruitment management system is just an added bonus to help us track and manage the process. What really separates GuruLink from the rest is that they truly understand our business and environment, so the candidates they send are always a perfect match. We would definitely recommend GuruLink to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective, customized recruitment effort!”


November 9, 2002

“GuruLink provided the exact recruitment services I was looking for. I am a busy manager with little time, so I like to only review candidates who I’m going to hire. GuruLink offered a customized solution, and worked the way I wanted. They send three of their best candidates, exactly the people I was looking for. I interviewed them and hire the best one! I actually prefer to give Gurulink an exclusive, as I know they are going to give me the best person, and I trust them. Their turn-around time and energy is unbelievable. Their personalized level of service was refreshing, and they really understood my needs, and our organization, and found the best skills, with the right personality for our group. I would recommend GuruLink to any manager who wants to streamline the hiring process! Since hiring a GuruLink candidate we have noticed quicker problem resolution and more stability within our environment. Thanks Brad for taking the headache out of choosing a candidate.”


May 11, 2002

“We have been working with GuruLink virtually since their inception and are very pleased with their level of service. Our internal mandate is to avoid using agencies where possible, but it is inevitable that for certain roles we need to resort to using external recruitment firms as a resource. GuruLink is our #1 choice when it comes to finding the best technology professionals. They submit an extremely low volume, but high calibre of candidates and have multiple successful placements with only top quality candidates being submitted. Gurulink compliments the high quality of candidates with very attentive customer services which make you feel as you stand out from the crowd. We have high expectations of a candidate’s technical abilities, which are only surpassed by the importance of a personality fit. GuruLink understands this, took the time to get to get to know our business and environment and have been able to deliver on a tight time line on more than one occasion for both contract and permanent roles. This, along with their value-added recruitment management system and cost-reducing incentive programs make GuruLink a natural choice.”