Employer Testimonials

GuruLink values your opinion. In fact, our solutions and services are built around you. We strive to really listen, and incorporate your needs and suggestions into our business practices. We truly feel the only kind of customer is one that has been satisfied. We have compiled a few quotes that stand out, and have received many more positive comments that make us feel like we are on the right track.

13.12.2004Sachi "Our software company specializes in service management solutions for the broadband industry. Due to recent growth in our business, recruitment of qualified resources has been a top priority for our organization. In the past, we have attempted to wor..."

11.7.2004Alim "Working with GuruLink has really been a proactive experience. We are a fast growing company and require the best people really fast, and the most competitive prices. In the past we never dealt with recruitment firms; and were not impressed at all a..."

9.12.2003Helen "Dealing with Gurulink was a wonderful experience. Drew was very professional and most helpful. Through their screening process we found the perfect person for the job. They saved me time in my very busy schedule by presenting me with qualified and ex..."

19.10.2003Bernie "GuruLink is one of the best recruitment agencies I have worked within my 15-year career. Their passion and enthusiasm for finding the right candidate were apparent throughout the hiring process. They brought in qualified and experienced candidates, w..."

9.6.2003Mark "Dealing with GuruLink has been a very positive experience for our company. What I really like is that they have gone far above and beyond the traditional agency approach; they act as more of a strategic partner. Bottom line, they listen, understand m..."

3.2.2003Kandee "We have been working with GuruLink for some time, and have made several successful placements. What we like about GuruLink is their customized service and quick turn around time. Being a consulting firm we often need immediate quality resources. Guru..."

9.11.2002James "GuruLink provided the exact recruitment services I was looking for. I am a busy manager with little time, so I like to only review candidates who I'm going to hire. GuruLink offered a customized solution, and worked the way I wanted. They send three ..."

11.5.2002Graham "We have been working with GuruLink virtually since their inception and are very pleased with their level of service. Our internal mandate is to avoid using agencies where possible, but it is inevitable that for certain roles we need to resort to usin..."

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GuruLink is constantly striving to improve our products and services. We encourage and appreciate any input you may have, and will take all feedback into consideration. Let us know how we're doing: submit a testimonial or complete one of our online feedback forms.