Candidate Testimonials

GuruLink values your opinion, in fact our solutions and services are built around you. We strive to really listen, and incorporate your needs and suggestions into our business practices. We truly feel the only kind of customer is one that has been satisfied. We have compiled a few quotes that have stood out, and there are many more positive comments which makes us feel like we are truly on the right track.

25.3.2014Avais "Job hunts can be very tiring and demotivating, but with the help of Christian Harris, Michael Hashizume, and the rest of the folks at GuruLink, I was able to jumpstart my career. The interview process can be nerve-wrecking, but these guys will prep y..."

24.3.2014Alex "It's been a pleasure working with Chris and Brenda at GuruLink. They are very professional and responsive. Amazing experience! Highly recommended!..."

22.3.2014Andrew "I would like to thank Brad and Omari form Gurulink for the excellent service they have provided in finding a role that matched both me and the employer. They have always kept me informed and communicated on my behalf with the employer therefore I fel..."

27.2.2014Juan "I was very impressed with the assistance that I received from Gurulink, both Nick and Brad who helped me find the right job and position. They helped me every step of the way and made sure that I was ready during the whole process. I am very glad I ..."

24.2.2014Tim "I really appreciate all help in getting my new job. I would personally like to thank Marshall Berenbaum and Gavin Chand at GuruLink for assisting me during my job search. You've been right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed for these pas..."

21.2.2014Samaneh "I got to know Jibran throughout my job hunt. Of all the recruiters I interacted with, Jibran was the only recruiter that wanted to know what I was looking for in a career; everything from the culture and the prospects, to the dream in total. He ..."

20.2.2014Mario "It was a great pleasure to work with a strong skilled group of professionals. I would personally like to thank Gavin Chand and GuruLink for assisting me during my job search. ..."

3.2.2014Derrick "I have worked with a number of recruiters during my career, but only recently I have had the good fortune to be connected with Marshall at GuruLink. He is the first recruiter that made me feel like he was working hard to find the best job for ME. He ..."

8.1.2014Alan "Working with Michael and Ismail at GuruLink has been an absolute pleasure. Professional, down to earth people who truly had my best interest in mind. They weren't just trying to slot me into any open position; they only recommended positions that fi..."

9.12.2013Allen "GuruLink are the best recruiters I've ever met. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Brad and Jackson, they are always doing their best to help people in the job search. They always give the best advice and put the candidate into their wide net..."

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