Candidate Testimonials

GuruLink values your opinion, in fact our solutions and services are built around you. We strive to really listen, and incorporate your needs and suggestions into our business practices. We truly feel the only kind of customer is one that has been satisfied. We have compiled a few quotes that have stood out, and there are many more positive comments which makes us feel like we are truly on the right track.

23.6.2016David "Marshall helped me find the role I was looking for. I was provided extra information to better prepare for the interviews and given timely feedback at each step of the process...."

15.6.2016Paul "I connected with Marshall while I was still living in Japan. When everyone else told me to apply when I moved back to Canada, Marshall got me the interview that eventually landed me an awesome position. He gave me constructive advice and feedback thr..."

2.6.2016Savio "While most recruiters only focus on your most recent job, without going the extra mile, GuruLink was instrumental in helping me find a job that perfectly matched my prior experience and career aspirations. Alex was always on hand to discuss the detai..."

10.5.2016Geoffrey "Michael, Brad and the rest of the GuruLink team helped me throughout the hiring processes to land the job that I wanted. GuruLink stands out by offering transparent communication and encourages constant feedback which helped me shine in my interview..."

5.5.2016Vahab "Nick and Brad reached me right after I applied online for an open position in a company in Toronto while I was in Montreal. When we realized that the position might not exactly match my skills GuruLink did their best to find the best position matchin..."

28.4.2016Andrew "Marshall made the job finding process really simple. Had a quick chat and had interview set up within a week. Constant check ups and status updates, never felt left out of the loop. Overall a great experience. ..."

21.4.2016Duo "From the initial job interest, a successful process happened, whereby GuruLink provided clear instruction and preparation prior to the interview. This was supported with interview preparation, a telephone call pre and post interview, salary and benef..."

11.4.2016Jason "GuruLink really stands out from the other recruiters with some of the top qualities: 1. Detailed research. GuruLink found my profile on LinkedIn first but then ventured out to other job hunting sites to find my resume to know my background better bef..."

6.4.2016Kevin "Marshall reached out to me when I was looking for a change. After a quick chat with him on what I was looking for. Marshall and Brad were able to connect me with three exciting opportunities just in couple days and interviews followed next day. They ..."

6.4.2016Paul "Marshall is a great recruiter and would recommend him to anyone searching for a job. Working with him, right away it felt like working together with a friend instead of being a client or a job. He kept me well informed of what was going on at every s..."

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At GuruLink we are constantly striving to improve our products and services. To this end, we encourage and appreciate any input you may have, and will take all feedback into consideration. Let us know how we're doing; submit a testimonial or complete one of our online feedback forms.