Candidate Testimonials

GuruLink values your opinion, in fact our solutions and services are built around you. We strive to really listen, and incorporate your needs and suggestions into our business practices. We truly feel the only kind of customer is one that has been satisfied. We have compiled a few quotes that have stood out, and there are many more positive comments which makes us feel like we are truly on the right track.

8.7.2013Aleksey "It is always a great pleasure to work with highly professional people. Without any doubt I can tell that about Chris and Robert as they do their job at 110%. Starting from the first interview in Gurulink and till the end of the hiring process I was p..."

30.5.2013Alex "I've experienced a great time working with Marshall, Edwin and GuruLink recently. They are both highly professional and helpful during the recruitment process. They know the employers, positions and the recruiting process very well and always provide..."

15.5.2013Alexandar "After our initial conversation Gavin Chand from GuruLink immediately presented me with a list of possible matches and prepped me for every interview. He hasn't stopped working with me until I landed the job and continues to encourage and advise me ab..."

6.5.2013Peter "I have been very fortunate to receive help from Marshall and Nick at GuruLink. They have literally changed my life by motivating me to be strong and guiding me towards my dream job. I feel I was well prepared for the application process as well as th..."

8.4.2013Kais "I would like to express my sincere thanks to you and Brad, for your highly professional style and to Gurulink for the efficient and transparent hiring process. Your elaborate follow up and attention to details helped a great deal to make the hiring p..."

28.3.2013Kenny "A BIG kudos to Chris & Omari for their unbelievable service. They really took care of the entire recruiting process, and stayed in constant communication with all parties to ensure everyone is happy and visions are aligned. Very knowledgeable, relent..."

26.3.2013Lisa "I have been very happy to work with Edwin and Christian from GuruLink. They have been extremely professional and trust me I have been dealing with a LOT of recruiting agencies. Usually, agencies don't care about who you are and what you are looking f..."

20.3.2013Lisa "Edwin, from GuruLink, contacted me for a 6 month contract for a major consulting firm. He was extremely professional and I felt he really wanted that I get the job which is not very usual with placement agencies! Every day of the week he kept me post..."

15.3.2013Colin "Working with Jaz and Gurulink is always a pleasure, it's also a pleasure to cross paths at tech meetups around the GTA. During the recruitment process I always felt informed and well prepared for whatever he next step in the process may be. Gurulink ..."

14.3.2013Rui "It was a great experience to work with Nick and Brad from GuruLink. Both of them were very helpful and efficient on my recent job hunting. As a recruiter they truly represented me on submitting the application, setting up the interview, getting feed..."

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At GuruLink we are constantly striving to improve our products and services. To this end, we encourage and appreciate any input you may have, and will take all feedback into consideration. Let us know how we're doing; submit a testimonial or complete one of our online feedback forms.