Defining the Objective of Your Objective Section

Through trial and error we have learned to identify the most effective methods of defining one’s objective section. The following will help clarify what an objective section is, and how you should tailor it to your needs based on your experience and aspirations.


The run-on sentence will be the demise of your objective section.  A typical BAD example is found below:

OBJECTIVE: To utilize my professional experience in the technology sector. Contributing to the best of my knowledge and fostering positive people relations using my skills with a preference to jobs with responsibility and a variety of tasks, while continuing to learn and experience new challenges, which will promote growth in any field for which I am qualified.

A properly written objective is concise, to the point, and crisp. Below are some GOOD examples:

OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging position in an IT-based company with opportunity for professional and intellectual growth.

OBJECTIVE: A positive and energetic professional seeking a position in project management and management.

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a Network Administration position where my hands on experience, self management, and communication can be effectively utilized to improve operations and contribute to your organizations further growth and increased profits.

Keeping your objective to the point will effectively stop you from over-extending yourself as in the statement below:

OBJECTIVE: To take up a suitable assignment in Toronto for two years in a field other than my profession in consistence with the purpose of my life to serve humanity.