Automate your phone screening and employee satisfaction!

  • Post a job on our site, which will then generate an application link that candidates can apply to.
  • When candidates apply through the application link, they will be invited to call into our automated interview system and answer questions that you provide.
  • Sit back, enjoy your coffee, and listen to the audio recordings of their responses.

How does SayHired save you up to 60% of your current recruitment costs?

  • Eliminate wasted time chasing candidates and co-ordinating phone screens.
  • Reduce time required to assess candidates but up to 95%!
  • Share phone screens across your organization 
  • FREE ATS integration (with a 6 month contract).
  • Automates the ranking and analysis of candidates based on complex voice analysis algorithms.

Best applications

  • Call Center Agents
  • Customer Service
  • Field Technicians
  • Inside Sales roles
  • Any high volume hiring
  • Campus Recruitment
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Plans & Pricing

  • Per Job - $495/posting, posting valid for 12 months with unlimited screening
  • Per Screening - $4.95/screening
  • Bulk Pricing - call 416.642.6856 for bulk pricing plans
  • FREE stuff - please check out the demo site, or register for a free trial