Key Features

There are a variety of tools and methods employed to save time and keep all parties notified every step of the way, while maintaining the highest degree of security. GuruRMS automatically removes unqualified applicants based on job-specific criteria, and also ranks all candidates based on how well their skills and preferences match the job opening. This allows you to prioritize which candidates to respond to first, and ultimately spend more time building relationships with qualified candidates. The GuruRMS also allows job posting to multiple internal and external sources, which extends candidate reach while eliminating the need to manage job postings on multiple career sites.

The ability to search both GuruLink's and our recruitment vendor partner’s databases, and the opportunity to generate revenue through recruitment efforts are two unique, innovative solutions offered only by GuruLink and the GuruRMS. The GuruRMS also provides a corporate careers section and an employee intranet careers section integrated with your new recruitment management system. Review our Features & Benefits Table to get an overview of the ways in which the GuruRMS can help your company.