Recruitment Software

GuruLink has developed partnerships with leading recruitment software-as-a-service providers to help manage information, improve the hiring process, and hire better candidates faster and more cost effectively! We utilize these applications to assist in managing our own recruitment and hiring process, and have seen first hand how these tools and create notable efficiency improvements. We want to pass these improvements on to our clients.

These tools cover areas such as sourcing, personality assessments, skills assessments, automated candidate screening, workforce management, performance management and more.

NOTE: We should add in Shifthub, and also Previsor (possibly also TalentBin). Need to develop partnerships and get referral codes from these providers (or not include them).

Innovative interview automation and Voice Analysis Technology

Identify top performers and hire the best talent

Social HR Software for today's business environment


Cost-effective leading edge Applicant Tracking System



The Guru Recruitment Management System (GuruRMS) was borne out of a desire to offer a cost-effective recruitment management system having superior collaborative capabilities and accessibility. The GuruRMS has been designed to reduce recruitment costs, improve process efficiency, streamline administrative tasks, and measure and analyze a variety of metrics.


The GuruRMS has been designed to be completely flexible, allowing for easy alignment with the current processes and future strategic objectives of companies wishing to implement a new recruitment management system. The GuruRMS makes it easy to search, manage and maintain candidate information and application history in a user-friendly interface that is accessible anytime, anywhere.

The GuruRMS is a key component of the flexible solutions packages that GuruLink offers to our clients!