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A company’s success is directly linked to its ability to acquire and retain the best talent. GuruLink makes it easy. We start the process with a free initial analysis of your current recruitment processes, and develop a customized solution designed to reduce costs and improve quality of hire.

GuruLink's goal is to make the recruiting process smooth and efficient. We understand the need to maximize your time and resources when looking for the most qualified candidates. Our goal is to move our relationship from that of recruitment consultant to strategic business partner.

We offer a variety of cutting edge solutions to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations:

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  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Permanent/Full-Time Recruitment
  • Contract/Temporary Staffing Services
  • Retained & Onsite Recruitment Services
  • Recruitment Software
  • Recruitment Process Analysis & Re-engineering
  • Retention Strategy Development
  • Employment Branding
  • Vendor Management
  • Standardized Interview Guides
  • Job Description Development
  • Video Interviews

Service Models

GuruLink offers services on a variety of different models, and will match each service model to a client's unique needs. As needs change, clients can move from one model to another in order to manage costs more effectively. 

Guru Contingency

In this model clients only pay if, or more often when, we are able to find them the right talent. This model results in the highest "per placement fee" of our models but offers the lowest risk.  If we are not successful in connecting them with the right talent, there are no fees incurred.

Most clients start with this model, and after developing a successful relationship look to move towards the other models outlined below to assist in managing their recruitment costs.

Guru Retained

This is our retainer model, where clients pay a monthly retainer fee which is reconciled against future placement fees. These retainer fees never expire and can be credited against any placement fee, at any time. This model offers a reduced "per placement fee", and also guarantees a dedicated recruiter focusing an agreed upon number of hours per week on the client’s searches.

Guru Onsite

In this model clients pay a monthly retainer fee which is reconciled against future placement fees.  A GuruLink Talent Acquisition Consultant will work onsite at the client, serving to further strengthen the relationship, improve communication, provide more visibility, and help us to better understand the client’s needs and environment.

Guru by the Hour

In this model client’s are able to engage GuruLink Talent Acquisition Consultants on an hourly basis. Our consultants can work onsite at the client, or at GuruLink’s office as per the client’s preference. Any candidates sourced and screened for the client under this model do not incur any additional fees beyond the hourly rate.

Guru Pipeline

GuruLink Talent Acquisition Consultants will source, screen and interview a minimum agreed upon number of candidates. We will provide all candidate resumes, screening notes, and any other details to the client, which are accessible via our online portal for the clients to keep and do with as they please. A single Guru Pipeline engagement can often lead to more than one hire!

Guru Deferred

This is a program we created to help startups manage their up-front recruitment costs. We will defer a portion of the placement fees, at a multiple, only payable (or optionally converted to equity) on a capitalization event. Beyond offering reduced up front costs, this model gives GuruLink an even more vested interest in our clients long-term viability and truly builds a strategic partnership!


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