Candidate FAQ

We have compiled many of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have received from candidates. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Submit your question and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Who is GuruLink?

GuruLink is an recruitment solutions and services provider, with a focus on the technology market. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, while providing excellent career opportunities for our network of Gurus - our candidates. Through personalized connections with our trained recruiters, we assess your skills and qualifications and really get to know your needs. We then connect you with great opportunities, with a view to the fact that it's always good to be informed about what the market is like and often the best opportunities are found when you are already reasonably happy with your current job. We strive to be your trusted advisor and strategic business partner.

Is there a charge for any full-time or contract placements for me?

There is no charge to our candidates for career placement services. There is a common misconception that recruiters fees are paid via you getting a reduced compensation. That is definitively not the case. Our clients are looking for the best talent, who in many cases are in other jobs they are reasonably happy with. To secure top talent companies have to pay in line with candidate compensation expectations or they simply won't secure the talent.

What is the GuruRMS?

The GuruRMS is an all-inclusive career management system that you can access from anywhere at any time. You can login, create an accurate profile, search our extensive job database, find detailed information, and apply to suitable positions. Our GuruLink Representatives provide a level of personalized contact unparalleled in the industry. Imagine being able to log into your career profile, update valuable information, view your message center, track your jobs and applications, and get real-time accurate feedback. GuruRMS makes this a reality!

Is there a charge for registering a GuruRMS account?

Registering a new candidate account is absolutely free. By registering, you are immediately paired up with a GuruLink Representative. Your profile is then available to all of our representatives who may have suitable career opportunities with their clients, and gives your first mover advantage for opportunities prior to them being posted to the public. You will also received interview reminders, directions, and other helpful information to help you prepare at every stage of the process.

Can I advertise my work or portfolio with GuruLink?

GuruLink helps candidates advertise their work. We believe in sharing relevant career/industry related information with our network. If you have information that you feel would benefit the GuruLink community please contact us. You can also send us your material directly. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like your material returned.

How can I join the GuruLink team?

As a total recruitment services and solutions company, GuruLink is seeking talented individuals for a wide range of positions. You can view current job openings on GuruLink's careers section. You can then register a new account and apply for positions!

Can you help me improve my resume?

View our resume resources including tips, articles and advice Our GuruLink Representatives are trained to help you improve your resume in order to make the best possible first impression when applying for opportunities.

Employers haven't been responding to my resume/profile. How can I improve my response?

View our articles and advice on resume resources to help improve your resume. Also, be sure to update your resume regularly and accurately fill out all fields in your candidate profile. These fields are visible to our representatives and clients. The crucial information required is your Contact Info, Professional Skills, Cover Letter and Resume, and Job Preferences. Candidates also have the means to add/upload various files to their profiles (Attachments and References section). Examples include: certifications, code samples, sample architecture, portfolios, detailed job descriptions etc.

How can I keep my resume private when posted to GuruLink?

When you post your resume to GuruLink it is automatically private. Only companies to which you have explicitly given permission can view your resume and profile, and only after your application status has been changed from "Applied" to "Presented" are they actually able to see any of your information. GuruLink Account Managers are able to search your resume and contact you with suitable career opportunities that match your search criteria.