XML Jobfeed Instructions

Below is a step-by-step procedure describing how to include GuruLink jobs on your (IIS/ASP based) website. If you wish to dynamically populate your website (or import them in 3rd party application) with targeted GuruLink jobs but are having technical difficulty, please contact our tech team.

1) Insert the following ASP code (VBScript) into the page where you want to display the most recent 3 GuruLink jobs. The code is annotated for clarity. You can change the url (http://www.gurulink.ca/jobsxml.asp?top=3) in the code as described above to target the jobs to your specific needs/criteria:

2) You need to apply an XSL stylesheet to format the jobs to fit into the design and branding of your website. Replace the text "jobxsldemo.xsl" in the above piece of code with the name of your custom .xsl file to transform the returned XML in the desired HTML format. You can use the .xsl template below as a starting point but are free to develop your own and present the jobs in any format.

An example of .xsl template file:

Or you can download the .xsl code sample here.