XML Jobfeed

Gurulink provides our available jobs in XML format to be included, without charge, to third party websites and/or applications. By applying an XSL stylesheet you can format these jobs to fit seamlessly into the design and branding of your website. You can display the latest 5 or 10 jobs, or target positions by keyword or skill-set.

The Technology

XML (EXtensible Markup Language) is an open standard for describing data that uses a similar tag structure to HTML. However, whereas HTML defines how elements are displayed, XML defines what those elements contain. HTML uses predefined tags, but XML allows tags to be defined by the developer of the page. Virtually any data item - such as product, sales rep and amount due - can be identified, allowing webpages to function like database records. By providing a common method for identifying data, XML supports business-to-business transactions and is expected to become the dominant format for electronic data interchange. Our technologies are compliant with the current W3C standards for XML.

Examples & Instructions

Browse all active Gurulink jobs in XML format

Browse latest 5 active Gurulink jobs in XML format

How to include GuruLink job positions in your website