Vendor Partnerships

GuruLink values vendor collaboration in the recruitment industry, and encourages third-party recruiters to join the GuruNetwork. We believe that through our combined efforts we can deliver to our clients and candidates a superior level of service and wider market exposure, as well as generate more revenue.

We are looking for established, reputable recruiting firms, both within and outside the high-tech industry, who share our vision to centralize and improve the recruiting industry. Many of our clients will only deal with GuruLink as their Recruitment Vendor. Why miss out on the action? We enable recruiters to take advantage of our extensive client base by allowing them to log into the GuruRMS and present qualified candidates.

GuruLink is looking for the best candidates for our clients. If you have the right candidate, we make it easy for you to login, fill out the candidate profile, submit the candidate for a job, track the process, and close the deal!

Contact a GuruLink Representative to learn more about our exciting Vendor Partnership Program opportunities.