Terms and Conditions


The following Terms and Conditions of Use (“User Agreement”) describe the terms and conditions that apply to your use of www.gurulink.ca (the ‘website’) that is wholly owned and operated by GuruLink Incorporated (‘GuruLink’, ‘we’, ‘us’, and/or ‘our’). Your use of our website acknowledges that you have read, comprehend, and agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of Use without any limitation or quantification. It is recommended that you return to this page regularly to assure that you are aware of the changes that may have occurred to this User Agreement, as GuruLink reserves the right to modify, add, or remove these Terms and Conditions and/or the layout and/or content of www.gurulink.ca at any time without any form of notification to the user. For more information regarding our User Agreement, or if you feel our site has violated this Agreement, do not hesitate to contact us and inform us of exactly what you feel dishonours this policy.

Boundaries Of Use And Ownership Of Rights

So long as you abide by the Terms and Conditions herein, you are granted full access to the use of www.gurulink.ca and the Guru Recruitment Management System (‘GuruRMS’) in order to review documentation, access various information (articles, job descriptions, resumes, updates, links to third party websites), and use the services offered through the GuruRMS that are made available from GuruLink. GuruLink reserves the right at our sole discretion, without any given notice, for any reason deemed inappropriate by GuruLink, and at any time, to suspend or terminate your access to any or all portions of www.gurulink.ca. By using this website you agree, upon request by GuruLink, to immediately destroy any and all materials you have downloaded, printed, and/or copied from this website (materials include source code, Client and/or Candidate information, job descriptions, and/or articles). The GuruRMS application associated with www.gurulink.ca is not to be copied by you in any form whatsoever. Use of any software that inflicts an unusual strain on the technical integrity of the GuruRMS is strictly prohibited.

Acceptable Use Of This Website – Candidates

You, the Candidate, agree to use this website and any and all linked websites in a law-abiding manner. In order to apply to any posted jobs on this website you must sign up and register with GuruLink. Having done this you agree that your personal contact information, resume, and any associated documentation can be used by GuruAssociates to contact you and can be provided to Clients of GuruLink (hiring parties) for the purpose of finding you a new job. GuruLink will never sell your personal information (including your resume) to third party companies. Your personal information (including resume) will only be distributed to GuruLink Clients with your expressed permission for the purpose of finding you a job. When providing GuruLink with your personal information, we acknowledge that you are not required to provide your true personal information. However, you may not assume the identity of another person for any reason when creating a new account with GuruLink. You agree to and acknowledge that GuruLink will charge its Clients (hiring companies) a fee upon your successful placement with the Client Company. You also recognize that you have no claims to any fees received by GuruLink upon your successful placement with our Client Company. You agree that you will not use this website to post any materials that are not relevant to your finding a new job (non-relevant materials include any offensive material, advertising, social/political/economic opinions and/or announcements).

Acceptable Use Of This Website – Clients & Third Party Users

Upon establishing a professional relationship with GuruLink and employing our services in either a retained or contingent form, or if you have acquired the stand-alone use of the GuruRMS, you will be entitled to use the website to the appropriate predetermined capacity. The form of professional commitment you select when employing any of GuruLink's service offerings determines the level of accessibility you will have to the website and the GuruRMS. Upon creating a new account with GuruLink you will be starting with an empty database of Candidates in the GuruRMS (unless you have opted to have your existing database imported into the GuruRMS). As your database of Candidates grows, you agree to only use the Candidate’s personal information for the sole purpose of employing them or finding them a job. If you have opted to take on the stand-alone GuruRMS application, you will be responsible for the administration of the GuruRMS, the definition of job descriptions, and any relevant informative documentation that you may desire to attach to your profile or job descriptions for relevant Candidates to review. If you chose to add users to the GuruRMS you are required to contact GuruLink support staff to request a new user be permitted to access your account (it is important you differentiate the type of user that will be permitted to access your account). You agree that you will not use this website to post any materials that are not relevant to your finding a new employee (non-relevant materials include any offensive material, advertising, social/political/economic opinions and/or announcements). In the event that you should fail to make your predetermined and agreed upon payment for use of any GuruLink services and/or solutions, GuruLink reserves the exclusive right to suspend or terminate your use of the website and/or GuruRMS.

Login Area And Password

Only registered users of the GuruRMS that have been given permission to use the GuruRMS upon registering and allocated a password may access the GuruRMS. Passwords are in no way shape or form permitted to be distributed to any other person(s). It is your responsibility to ensure that your password and therefore personal information are kept confidential. As a registered user, you are wholly responsible for any and all damages to this website and/or to the GuruRMS as a result of having distributed your password. Whether you have permitted or not permitted the use of your login and password for the GuruRMS, you are exclusively responsible for the use of your GuruRMS account. If you suspect any malicious or unauthorized use of your login and password details it is your responsibility to notify GuruLink immediately.

Proscribed Use Of The Website – Candidates, Clients, & Third Party Users

All users of the website and/or GuruRMS agree to not use the website for any and all of the following: 1. Candidates will not upload and post any information other than their resume and relevant documentation or files for the purpose of finding a job (relevant documentation includes portfolio of professional job related achievements, sample code work, sample design work, letters of recommendation, personal video profile, certificates of accomplishment/accreditation, and any related documents). You agree to not post a resume that has false or inaccurate information. You will not try to impersonate any other person(s) other than yourself by manipulating a source IP address and/or any other personal identifying information. 2. Candidates will not apply for a job that is posted on the website or on Client websites that have integrated the GuruRMS with their own site for any reason other than to try to attain the given job. 3. Clients & Third Party users will not reply to Candidates that have applied for a job for any purpose other than to determine their compatibility with the aforementioned job. Replying to Candidates for the purpose of soliciting business from Candidates in any shape or form is prohibited. 4. All users are strictly prohibited from making any efforts to impede and/or violate the security measures of our website, and/or the GuruRMS, and/or any websites linked to from our website. Attempting to violate the security of the aforementioned websites and associated software includes, without limitation, the attempts to access data that is not intended for you, logging into an account and/or a server that you are not permitted to access, or scan or test the vulnerability of a system and/or network associated to and including that of GuruLink's through this website. All users are strictly prohibited from attempting to breach the security of all websites associated with and including that of GuruLink's, attempting to interfere with the service of any GuruRMS user, sending any unsolicited emails to users of the GuruRMS for the purpose of business promotions and/or any form of advertising and/or imposition of opinion(s), ideas, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Violations of network and/or system security of any website associated with and including www.gurulink.ca can result in criminal or civil liability. Any fraudulent or falsified use of another user's identification in connection with the use of GuruLink’s GuruRMS and all other services is prohibited. 5. All users are forbidden to transmit larger than usual volumes of non-requested emails of a commercial nature. Nor is the delivery of emails with unusually large attachments to one specific recipient permitted. All users are forbidden to send “mailbombings” to any user of this website.

Candidate Screening Questionnaires

Candidates are trusted to be honourable in answering the screening questionnaires that are associated with the jobs to which you are applying. Clients must realize that GuruLink cannot guarantee the degree of honesty with which Candidates answer the questions of the screening questionnaire(s). The questionnaires are used for the general purpose of trying to identify the best suited candidates for a job, and eliminate Candidates applying that are not suited for any posted job.

Intellectual Property

The content, images, graphics, and source code on this website and that of the GuruRMS are the intellectual property of GuruLink and are legally protected by the Canadian and International Copyright laws. Any duplication of the aforementioned properties is forbidden without the expressed written consent of GuruLink. If you have found that this website is housing works that are copyrighted in a way that amounts to copyright infringement, please notify GuruLink immediately.

Responsibility And Risk

GuruLink will not be monitoring the activities on www.gurulink.ca on a regular basis, but does reserve the right to monitor this website from time-to-time. GuruLink waives all claims made as a result of materials uploaded onto the website by users of the website. All users of the website agree that they are assuming full responsibility for the content, accuracy, form, and appropriateness of resumes, job descriptions, or any documents, files, or video clips that are uploaded to the website. GuruLink assumes no responsibility for the content found on websites linked to this website and/or from this website. The links on this website are provided only for the purpose of facilitating the user's Internet navigation. GuruLink will not guarantee that any particular user will view any particular resume and/or job posting found on this website. Nor does GuruLink promise any particular number of visitors will view any particular resume or job posting on this website. GuruLink will not guarantee that this website and GuruLink’s servers will operate completely free of errors, viruses, or any other harmful mechanisms. Users of this website, and any and all websites made accessible through this website, use these websites entirely at their own risk. GuruLink cannot assure users, nor make any claims to guarantee, that the material found on this website is absolutely accurate, truthful, and/or reliable.

Disclaimer Of Links And Content

GuruLink does not guarantee that the contents of www.gurulink.ca are completely up to date, free of errors, free of inaccuracies, and/or free of incompleteness. GuruLink does go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that accurate and current information is posted on www.gurulink.ca. The links found on www.gurulink.ca have been deemed informative and useful to our users. However, GuruLink stresses that when you visit these linked websites, you are doing so at your own risk and GuruLink disclaims all liabilities resulting from your having access to these linked websites. GuruLink insists that you review the User Agreements and Privacy Policies of these websites to ensure that you are aware of their practices and your vulnerability.


Any and all users of this website (including the GuruRMS) agree to hold harmless, and indemnify GuruLink, its officers, directors, associates, contractors, and employees against and from any damages, losses, business interruptions, actions, access delays, access interruptions, system failures, system viruses, demands, and claims as the result or arising from your use of or inability to use GuruLink’s website and/or GuruRMS, or your breach of the terms included in this Agreement. GuruLink will expedite the endowment of any such suit, claim, or proceeding to the appropriate user.


The amassed liability by GuruLink to any user for any and all claims resulting from you as the user's use of the GuruLink website, GuruRMS, and/or services shall be restricted to the amount that you have paid (if there exists any) or for the existing package that you have subscribed to and paid for (if there exists any) at the time of the claim. GuruLink does not and cannot confirm that every user is in fact who they are claiming to be. As the user, you agree to release GuruLink from claims, damages, and/or demands of any kind resulting from a dispute you have had with any and all users of this website and/or GuruRMS. In no event shall GuruLink Incorporated, its suppliers, or any third parties mentioned on the website be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, incidental and consequential damages, lost profits, or damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) resulting from the use or inability to use the website and associated material, whether based on warranty, contract, tort, or any other legal theory, and whether or not GuruLink Incorporated is advised of the possibility of such damages.