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Sr. Operations Engineer

Mississauga, Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

We are one of the fast growing technology firm for payment solutions, we partnered with Alipay to allow Canadian retailers to accept currency payments from Chinese shoppers. We have helped merchants and brands of all sizes tap into the consumer market in the sectors of Tourism, Education, Food & Restaurants and Retail throughout Canada, as well as connecting them with 540 million potential Asian customers globally.

As a Senior Operation Engineer, you are expected to take the responsibilities of the overall operation and maintenance of infrastructure and technology, including system set up and configuration, database integration, security and network, troubleshooting and recovery etc.


•Support all activities necessary to enable the organization and its subsidiaries to respond to a technology interruption in the event of service disruptions or operational risks.
•Skilled in virtualization technologies, managed to host solution sets and industry trends in disaster recovery and Cloud computing
•Configure and maintain local and cloud services such as file sharing, email, licensing, professional tools and production on different operating systems as required.
•Take charge of the network security (firewall, VPN, certificates, updates & policies); performance monitoring and diagnostics for hardware and software upgrade, maintenance, and troubleshooting
•Provide smart in-person support to a team of technically savvy software developers & QAs, including cloud and local-based virtual machine maintenance and configuration
•Extensive hands-on network management experience including firewalls, network, and server security, SSL certificates and best security practices
•Experience in web and cloud-based storage, integration, and monitoring tools such as Amazon AWS, database recovery, and performance.
•Responsible of the web server, data and system backups, incident management and disaster recovery etc.
•Implement network traffic and security monitoring software, and optimize server performance
•Install, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade Web-server hardware and software
•Familiar with the implementation of data security standards and practices for the protection of computer resources, data confidentiality, and integrity
•Installs and maintains network security equipment; enforces security guidelines for access, passwords, and security levels
•Provide technical expertise on key technologies such as AWS, Servers & Storage, Virtualization, Disaster & Recovery, Security and Compliance.
•Maintaining systems in a Managed Configuration including server baseline establishment, change tracking, server build reports, and other configuration management procedures.
•Be available for periodic evening/weekend systems changes, server maintenance, and off-hours on-call support.

Must Have Skills:


•Ideal candidates are seasoned engineers with a background in cloud computing, preferably having strong Linux and Windows experience, IP network protocols knowledge, and containerized software deployment (Docker, Kubernetes).
•Over 5 years’ experience in e-commerce or payment or similar industries such as PayPal, Alipay, WeChat etc.
•Previous experience in Java environments, familiar with open source technologies, application servers, portal servers, enterprise application, integration, databases, security, performance & scalability.
• . Must Speak Mandarin

Nice to Have Skills:

Starting: ASAP
Dress Code: Casual
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