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Data Analyst

Ontario  - Permanent

Job Description

As a Data Analyst, you will work with our mountain of practice data to turn it into case studies, visualizations and metrics. On the analysis side, you will answering our internal and external client’s questions with deep yet accessible dives into their own data. On the product side you will be creating custom dashboards to best serve our client’s needs.

Given that we are still a fairly small team there will be chances to branch out into other projects such as machine learning, statistical assessment of our randomized control trials, data engineering, UX or a greater emphasis on product based on your talent and inclination.

Must Have Skills:


•Write Postgres SQL to prep data for case studies and dashboards. This is not a DBA posting, we won’t expect you to design databases or even tables, but you should be able to operate independently and optimize your own queries once you learn the schema
•Visualize complex data sets in PowerBI for internal and external business audiences
•Understand our clients’ needs and guide them to data they need
•Keep an eye open for new improvements, datasets or opportunities


•BS in Mathematics, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, Information Management or Statistics preferred
•Minimum 2 years working experience as analyst or similar (includes internships or co-op placements)
•Minimum 2 years of any variety of SQL, preferably at the analyst role above
•Knowledge of languages or packages for analyzing datasets (SPSS, SAS, R, Python etc) is a plus
•Background in statistics as to be able to design and interpret RCTs is a plus
•Experience in machine learning, particularly in natural language, is a plus
•Some amount of client facing required, but if you are real good at it that's a plus

Starting: ASAP
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